mplayerplug-in Support This Project
2008-Jun-24Version 3.55 Released
  • Make Apple Sites work
  • Fix GTK threading issue
  • Build fixes
2007-Dec-02Version 3.50 Released
  • CVS tag was actually done in mid-November so all current CVS changes may not be in
  • Initialize enable_mp3 to enabled (it should have been)
  • Add javascript src attribute
  • Get rid of GTK size request exception
  • Alternate parsing of RAM files
  • Updated Spanish translation by Festor Wailon Dacoba
  • Make qtsrc locations work, makes some apple sites work
  • Add support for realmedia pnm:// streaming media
  • Turn volume down by pressing 9 and up by pressing 0
  • Add the ability to set the onClick callback via a javascript method
2007-Aug-06Version 3.45 Released
  • Thread crash fix in GTK mode
  • X and GTK1 compile fixes
  • GUI fixes and updates
  • Updated translations
2007-Mar-21Version 3.40 Released
  • Build Fixes
  • ASX/RTSP playlist changes
  • X and GTK1 compile fixes
  • GUI fixes and updates
2006-Dec-18Version 3.35 Released
  • ASX file fixes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Updated language translations
2006-Dec-18Extension Version 0.4 Released
  • Firefox 2.0 compatibility
  • Auto Update functionality
2006-Aug-28Version 3.31 Released
  • mplayer 1.0pre8 compatibility fixes
  • Bug Fixes (nortc/nolirc/registry file identification and keep-download)
  • Updates sk language translation
2006-Aug-22Extension Version 0.3 Released
  • Fix problem where param has a setting, but embed tag does not, so rewrite embed tag.
2006-Aug-06Version 3.30 Released
  • DivX plugin emulation
  • More UI work, status messages
  • Fixes to work with current mplayer
  • Several bug fixes
  • MMS/HTTP stream selection
2006-Apr-09Version 3.25 Released
  • Updated translations
  • Fixes to work with current mplayer
  • UI Cleanups
  • Fixes for MP3 playback issues
2006-Feb-12Version 3.21 Released
  • Stability improvments (found a bug that has been present for a long time)
  • Fix several issues with NP_FULL mode (redraw, GTK issues)
2006-Jan-24Version 3.20 Released
  • Support some new mimetype to make new sites work and Shoutcast playlists
  • Close several open issues
  • Updated translations
2005-Dec-08Version 3.17 Released
  • Stability improvments
  • GTK2 2.0 compile issues corrected
  • Minor bug fixes
2005-Nov-28Version 3.16 Released
  • Stability improvments
  • Updated translations
  • Show time media time in the progress bar
2005-Nov-04Version 3.15 Released
  • Clicking on progress bar allows seeking in media
  • Apple HD Trailer sites work better (GTK2)
  • More JavaScript Events
2005-Sep-13Version 3.11 Released
  • Playlist correction
2005-Sep-12Version 3.10 Released
  • QuickTime Button Support
  • Updated Configuration Dialog
  • Several more fixes see ChangeLog for complete list
2005-Aug-08Version 3.05 Released
  • Multiprotocol playlists now work properly (Netflix)
  • Configuration Dialog off right click menu
  • Several more fixes see ChangeLog for complete list
2005-Jul-21Version 3.01 Released
  • Crash fix when src element returns a 404
  • Configure enhancements
2005-Jul-18Version 3.00 Released
  • NLS support for Korean
  • Google Video support with Firefox 1.5
  • New Install proceedure
  • Several crash fixes
2005-Jun-14Version 2.85 Released
  • NLS support for French,Italian,Brazilian Portugese,Slovak,Russian,Danish & Spanish
  • RPM Build fixes
  • Make NetFlix previews work again
  • radio fixes
  • Hiroa's loop patch and additional fixes/enhancements for looping content
  • Additional options (nomouseinput and noconsolecontols) to help with minimal mplayer builds
2005-Feb-13Version 2.80 Released
  • NLS support for Japanese, German, Polish & Dutch
  • UI layout and menu fixes
  • Additional JavaScript methods
2004-Dec-15Version 2.75 Released
  • Build fixes for Debian and the BSDs
  • Crash fix
  • Many enhancements
2004-Sept-26Version 2.70 Released
  • GTK1 and GTK2 widget fixes
  • URL Copy support from menu
  • Xinerama support
2004-AugWebSite Redesign
  • Reorganized and cleaned up website
2004-Jun-19Version 2.66 released
  • Fix threading bug found in Gentoo that has been around since 2.50
2004-Jun-18Version 2.65 released
  • Several UI fixes
  • Fix crash when window is small and logo not seen
  • Support building with gecko-sdk 1.7 and higher
  • Give warning and stop when widget toolkits don't match
  • Fix case where DPMS support was kept disabled after play of video
  • Some MMS streaming media requires mplayer 1.0pre4 or higher
2004-Apr-20Version 2.60 released
  • Huge set of changes - Again!
  • User interface fixes and upgrades
  • Crash fix on EMBED tag with window size of 0x0
  • Additional URL support
  • Javascript methods documented in DOCS/tech/javascript.txt
  • Recommend, but don't require mplayer 1.0pre2 or higher
2004-Mar-18Version 2.50 released
  • Huge set of changes
  • Updated threading and locking code
  • Addtional URL support
2004-Mar-02Version 2.45 released
  • Fix crashers
  • Updated gtk1 and gtk2 mini-gui's
  • Additional URL support
2004-Feb-25Version 2.40 released
  • Build issues
  • Fix crasher
  • gtk1 and gtk2 mini-gui's
  • Addtional URL support
2004-Feb-14Version 2.11 released
  • Build issues
  • Fix crasher on SUN
  • remove -cookies option from mplayer call
2004-Feb-13Version 2.10 released
  • Build issues
  • Couple of site fixes
  • cache-percent option [0-100] default of 25
  • See ChangeLog for full list of fixes
2004-Feb-10Version 2.0 released
  • JavaScript Support
  • Many many things fixed
  • See ChangeLog for full list of fixes
2004-Jan-20Version 1.2 released
  • Crasher fix
  • UI Fixed
  • QT AutoSpeed fixes
  • See ChangeLog for full list of fixes
2004-Jan-15Version 1.1 released
  • Security Fixes
  • Minor bug fixes with saving streams
  • Build system fixes
  • Title Screen enhancement
  • Updated status window
  • Playlist support for http streams that act like mms streams
  • See ChangeLog for full list of fixes
2003-Dec-02Version 1.0 released
  • Added -zoom patch from Giuseppe Ghibò
  • Patch to only kill the mplayer associated with the window being destroyed.
  • This allows multiple streams to play in different windows
  • Cosmetic "about:plugins" patch from Benjamin Larsson
  • More about:plugin work to fix an issue with AtomFilms, Quicktime was not coming up
  • Keep trailing ; in mimetype list
  • smil format support - Clone wars
2003-Oct-28Version 1.0pre2 released
2003-Oct-03Version 0.95 released
  • Final 0.95 release
  • Supports media streaming
  • Updated user feedback
  • mplayer v0.92 is the recommended version of mplayer
2003-Oct-01Version 0.95pre5 released
  • Released only as a source code, because anonymous CVS is broken
  • Implements streaming of data
2003-Sept-10Version 0.91 released
  • 0.90 had some problems so I thought I would release 0.91 with some fixes
  • Mplayer 0.91 or CVS is required prerequisite
  • Downloading and Saving is disabled in this release, but most sites should work
2003-Sept-07Version 0.90 released
2003-Sept-07Been a long time, since a release, but one should be coming soon.
2003-Aug-31Mentioned in Linux.Ars as one of the cool apps of the week
2003-May-22MPLAYER Requirement
  • A bug has been found with the downloading feature in v0.80. This bug is corrected by upgrading mplayer from v0.90 to mplayer CVS or v0.91 (not available as of 5/28)
2003-May-22Version 0.80 released
  • lots of fixes
  • download feature, that downloads and saves the file before playing
  • $HOME respected in dload-dir and logfile config options
  • rstp protocol support, requires support in mplayer
2003-Apr-11Version 0.71 released
  • New Binaries and RPM Package Names for RedHat 8.0 and RedHat 9
  • Fixed a bug in the QuickTime Playlists
2003-Apr-07Version 0.70 released
  • Binary RPM for RedHat 9.0 now available. See download page
  • Improved mms:// data stream handling
  • new config item "vopopt"
  • file:// url's should play correctly now
2003-Mar-11Version 0.60 released
  • Binary RPM for RedHat 8.0 now available. See download page
  • Addtional Mime-types supported
  • Quirks with other sites worked out
  • Konqueror 3.1.1 and 3.2 fully support mplayerplug-in
  • Mozilla 1.3 works ok as well
2003-Feb-24Version 0.50 released
  • Requires mplayer 0.90rc4 for gui support
  • Addtional Mime-types supported
  • Config File Changes see ChangeLog
  • This plugin also works with many web audio as well as video sites.

2003-Feb-08Version 0.40 released
  • Requires mplayer 0.90rc4 for gui support
  • Config File Changes see ChangeLog
  • Removal of dead code

2003-Feb-05Version 0.35 released
  • Many minor bug fixes
  • Respect the loop directive
  • Config File Changes

2003-Feb-04Website redesign
  • Reorganized Content
  • Screenshots

2003-Jan-28Version 0.34 released
  • Fixed a crash when a video ended and no log file was specified
  • Config File Changes