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Installing mplayer
Installing mplayerplug-in

Installing the Prerequisities for mplayer

Mplayer 1.0pre5 or higher is the mimimum version of mplayer. It can be downloaded here

Dependancies for mplayer

mplayer faad or faad2 2.0Needed for QT6 Audio
libmp3lameNeeded for mp3 playback
liba52Needed for AC-3 playback
There are many other optional features that can be useful.

Compiling mplayer

Compiling mplayer can be a tricky procedure, getting a premade package is recommended. Due to quirks in the compiler, machine optimizations, library dependancies and other things. The way I compile mplayer is the following
get the ffmpeg source code
in the ffmpeg source directory run the following command

./configure --enable-pp --enable-mp3lame --enable-faad --enable-a52 --enable-faac --enable-gpl

Change to the mplayer source code directory and run the following commands

rm -rf libavcodec
rm -rf libavutil
rm -rf libavformat

cp -r [ffmpeg source dir]/libavcodec .
cp -r [ffmpeg source dir]/libavutil .
cp -r [ffmpeg source dir]/libavformat .

./configure --enable-win32
sudo make install

mplayer's configure command can take many more options to make sure you have a fully working mplayer look into the --with-livelibdir option and what it requires.

You will also want to download and install the codecs from here:MPlayer Codecs. The contents of the tar files (without directory names) should go into /usr/local/lib/win32

Compiling mplayerplug-in

The Mozilla development files are needed to compile this code
To get the Mozilla development files there are two options
  1. mozilla-devel package (includes pkg-config files)
    The mozilla-devel package may come with your distribution and it is an optional install. Try using apt-get or yum or your package installer to obtain the package. Version 1.6 or higher are the only kits known to work.
  2. gecko-sdk
    The gecko-sdk can be obtained from (version 1.6 or higher of the SDK are the only ones that work). Only use gecko-sdk 1.7 for versions of Mozilla and Firefox based on gecko 1.7. See the about dialog and check the rv: info.
    Extract the tar file in some directory

The GTK development files are needed to compile this code

To get the latest source from CVS do the following
cd to some directory

cvs login
(just hit enter for password)

cvs -z3 co mplayerplug-in

or, if you have already downloaded from CVS before.

cd [cvs root]/mplayerplug-in
cvs update -PAd


download the source for v3.50 here: mplayerplug-in-3.50.tar.gz


tar -xzvf mplayerplug-in-3.50.tar.gz
cd mplayerplug-in

In the mplayerplug-in directory type

Compilation options
--with-gecko-sdk=/path/to/gecko-sdk     (replace /path/to with the correct value)
--enable-gtk2				(default option, use if mozilla is linked to gtk2 libs)
--enable-gtk1				(use if mozilla is linked to gtk1 libs (usually if fonts in mozilla are not smooth))
--enable-x				(use if you don't know if your mozilla is linked to gtk1 or gtk2)
--enable-wmp				(Enable Windows Media Support, enabled by default)
--enable-qt				(Enable QuickTime Media Support, enabled by default)
--enable-rm				(Enable Real Media Support, enabled by default)
--enable-gmp				(Enable Google Media Support, enabled by default)
--prefix				(Used to set where the language files install to defaults to /usr/local)

To configure with defaults:	

if you are using gecko-sdk do the following
./configure --with-gecko-sdk=/path/to/gecko-sdk    (replace /path/to with the correct value)

if you are using gecko-sdk and gtk1
./configure --with-gecko-sdk=/path/to/gecko-sdk --enable-gtk1

If you get this error during configure:  
checking for mozilla-plugin... Package mozilla-plugin was not found in the pkg-config search path.

You need to use the gecko-sdk option. Using gecko-sdk 1.6 with an earlier version of mozilla seems to be ok. NOTE:Using the gecko 1.7 SDK with a 1.6 version of Mozilla does not work. Use gecko-sdk 1.6 for Mozilla 1.6.x and gecko-sdk 1.7 for Mozilla 1.7.x

If you can't figure out what you need try running 


in the mplayerplug-in directory.

After configure is done and successful:

If during the make process you get an error about missing "mozilla-config.h" and you are not using the gecko-sdk.
You need to use the gecko-sdk because your mozilla-devel package is incomplete.

The results of that command should produce files called

in the current directory.


Per User:(This will not install the language files)
make install


cp mplayerplug-in*.so mplayerplug-in*.xpt ~/.mozilla/plugins

For the system: File locations may vary so you may need to look where to install these files.

Running make install as root, tries to figure out where you have mozilla install and then installs the plugins in that location. It may only install for mozilla in this case.

If you use mozilla:
cp mplayerplug-in*.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
cp mplayerplug-in*.xpt /usr/lib/mozilla/components
If you use firefox:
cp mplayerplug-in*.so /usr/lib/firefox/plugins
cp mplayerplug-in*.xpt /usr/lib/firefox/components
For Debian/Ubuntu
cp mplayerplug-in*.so /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins
cp mplayerplug-in*.xpt /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/components
Restart mozilla

To install just the language files
Do this as root.
cd (to the directory where you untarred mplayerplug-in)
cd mplayerplug-in
cd po
make install