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mplayer configuration

If you are using GNOME as your desktop environment add this line to $HOME/.mplayer/config:

For KDE add:

My $HOME/.mplayer/config looks like this:

mplayerplug-in configuration

The mplayerplug-in.conf file can change the behavior of the plugin. Here are the options.
The config file can be located in 3 places:

These files are checked for existance and opened and the options are read. The options in the last read file supersedes the options set in the previous file. The read order of the files is:
When you use the Configuration Dialog it sets the options in the last file so that the user settings override the system settings.

There is an example config file in the source code package.

A # may be placed as the first character of the option to "comment" it out.
Lines beginning with # may also be used as comments.

The options than can go in this file are:
Defaults are in BOLD

Option Name=[values] Description
debug=[0|1|2] Enable debugging if set to 1, very verbose debugging set to 2
cachesize=[0 - 65535] Note: value is in Kilobytes. Default value is 512
If used with the download option. This is the buffer size before the video plays.
cachemin=[0 - 65535]Alias for cachesize option
cache-percent=[0-100]Percent of file to load into cache. Default value of 25
nomediacache=[0|1]For media larger than 16K it is played directly, useful for diskless terminals
Warning: Only use this option if you know EXACTLY why you are using it, otherwise keep it 0.
autostart=[0|1]When set to 0, media will not start until play is clicked
qt-speed=[low|medium|high]Set QT Speeed, use low for dialup, medium for DSL, high for more
vo=[xv,x11....etc] Overrides mplayer default config values.
ao=[arts,esd,oss...etc] Overrides mplayer default config values
noembed=[0|1] Note forces mplayer to be in it's own window if set to 1
fileonly-embed=[0|1] If set to 1, mplayer will be launched in its own window if the url is not in an EMBED tag
prefer-aspect=[0|1] When set to 1 uses the aspect of movie no matter what
nopauseonhide=[0|1] When set to 1 disables the pausing of video files when they are covered
vopopt=[mplayer vop options]Pass special video post processing options to mplayer
novop=[0|1]Tells mplayer to allow default video post processing or not
osdlevel=[0|1|2|3]Set the OSD mode
framedrop=[0|1]Disable/Enabled mplayer framedrop mode
rtsp-use-tcp=[0|1]Option for rtsp streams, set to 1 when behind proxy
showlogo=[0|1]Option showing the logo 0 = no logo shown
showtime=[0|1]Option showing the time in the progress bar 0 = no time shown
showtracker=[0|1]Option showing the media progress bar 0 = not shown
hidestatus=[0|1]When set to 1, no status messages are shown
display=[display name]Passes display to show output to, useful for multiple monitor setups
dload-dir=[writable directory]Where to store the downloaded movies
Example: $HOME/Movies
keep-download=[0|1]Set to 1 if you want to keep downloaded media
cookies=[0|1]Set to 0 to disable passing the "-cookies" option to mplayer
noconsolecontrols=[0|1]Set to 0 to disable passing the "-noconsolecontrols" option to mplayer
nomouseinput=[0|1]Set to 0 to disable passing the "-nomouseinput" option to mplayer
use-mimetypes=[0|1]Read mime types to handle from [ $HOME/.mplayer | $HOME/.mozilla | /etc ]/mplayerplug-in.types *
enable-wmp=[0|1]Enable Windows Media Support *
enable-qt=[0|1]Enable QuickTime Support *
enable-rm=[0|1]Enable RealMedia Support *
enable-gmp=[0|1]Enable Google Media Player Support *
enable-helix=[0|1]Enable Real Media Support (RPM mimetype only). Only affects's types.*
enable-mpeg=[0|1]Enable MPEG Support *
showcontrols=[0|1]Option for showing media controls 0 = not shown
enable-mp3=[0|1]Enable MP3 Support (Requires MPEG to be enabled)*
enable-ogg=[0|1]Enable Ogg Vorbis Media Support *
enable-smil=[0|1]Enable SMIL Media Support *
enable-pls=[0|1]Enable PLS Support *
tv-driver=[v4l2]Select a TV driver to use
tv-input=[/dev/video0]Select a TV device to use
tv-width=[320]Specify width of TV output
tv-height=[200]Specify height of TV output
tv-outfmt=[yv12, rgb32, rgb24, rgb16, rgb15, uyvy, yuy2, i420]Format of the data from the TV device
profile=[profile name]mplayer profile to use. Allows specifying multiple options with one setting
softvol=[0|1]Option to set mplayer to control volume using software or hardware 0 = use hardware volume

* Mozilla only will evalate the mime types the plugin supports when the plugin is updated or when $HOME/.mozilla/pluginreg.dat is missing. So when you change the enable options you need to delete pluginreg.dat or touch The mplayerplug-in.types config file only affects the types supported by the file.