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Kevin DeKorte

Mplayer Core Team
Fabian Franz for customizations to mplayer to make it work smoothly with mplayerplug-in

Code inspired by the plugin by

Patches Provided by the following people:
Todd Kirby
Ed Fisher
Giuseppe Ghibo
Sverker Wilberg
James Blanford
Benjamin Larsson
Erich Hoover - X GUI
David Maybohm - Code audit for buffer overflows
Alexandre Pereira da Silva - New improved fork and shutdown code
Pere Laszlo
Alex Eskin - Way more credit goes to him than for just a patch, his work on the threading and locking is greatly appreciated.
Jesse Dutton - Signal Handling
Mike Auty - Locking fix
Hiroaki Nozaki - Sun JDS fixes / HTML property
Yasuhiro Matsumoto - Sync A/V options, NLS support
Juan RP
Dag Wieers - RPM Build fixes
Greg Hosler - Makefile Fixes
Anders Lind - NLS Help
Michael Rasmussen - Config Dialog issues
Sergey Khlutchin - onClick Callback
Xavier Richez - onMediaComplete callback in X
Laurence Dukhovny - Playlist (.pls) support

Packages Provided By:
Fedora - Thomas Chung email: tchung at

Translations Provided By:
Japanese translation by Yasuhiro Matsumoto
Polish translation by Marcin Bukat
German translation by Rene Engelhard
Dutch translation by Panagiotis Issaris, Luuk Mulder
French translation by AL & Alexandre Svetoslavsky
Italian translation by Roberto Inzerillo
Brazilian Portugese translation by Danilo Bardusco & BRUNO GONÇALVES
Slovak translation by Jozef Riha
Russian translation by Nikolai Prokoschenko
Danish translation by Anders Lind
Spanish translation by Azael Avalos, Matias Orellana
Korean translation by Joonil Kim
Hungarian translation by Gabor Kelemen

Graphics Provided By:
Logo by Dusan Maliarik

Additional Thanks
Linspire QA Team for good testing